Customers are changing faster than businesses can change their own business. They are challenging businesses to reshape how they operate.
What is ‘agile marketing’? Why is it needed? How us as agencies deliver in this new fast-paced and demanding environment?
#OwnYourTruth, #Unapologetic, #KeepingItReal. We have all seen these hashtags and we understand what it means from a personal perspective, but what does it mean for a brand?
Rather than focusing on their ‘green glow’, marketers and brands should focus more on sustainable development in their products and services
What's the difference between an influencer and a content creator? | The Media Online
There's a big difference between content creators and influencers, but what are they and what is best for your brand?
The return of the sport lover – Marketing Spread
It goes without saying that the past two years have been tough for sports fans following the persistence of the pandemic, and the strains of the economic, societal, and organisational shifts in an increasingly digitised world has kept fans wondering if they will ever be able to enjoy a game the way they used to.
Classic Business, 27 Sep Classic Business - 26 Sept 22 · Fine Music Radio - iono.fm
What is cognitive diversity? Cognitive diversity means including a variety of people with different thought patterns, ideas, problem-solving methods and mental perspectives. But how does it work in branding?
Brands should avoid touting themselves as eco-champions when they’re not (businesslive.co.za)
Brands should avoid touting themselves as eco champions when they're not. Marketers love to stay on trend- but sometimes to their own detriment.
Classic Business, 4 Oct Classic Business - 4 Oct 2022 · Fine Music Radio - iono.fm
Innovation in advertising seems to be on the decline. Why and what can brands do about it? Dashni Vilakazi explores this topic with Michael Avery.
WATCH: TikToking into the metaverse of marketing (businesslive.co.za)
Over the course of 2021, the word “metaverse” and certainly TikTok entered common usage, inspiring a lively global debate about what it represents, whether it’s already here, and who will own it.
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