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What is ‘agile marketing’? Why is it needed? How us as agencies deliver in this new fast-paced and demanding environment?
#OwnYourTruth, #Unapologetic, #KeepingItReal. We have all seen these hashtags and we understand what it means from a personal perspective, but what does it mean for a brand?
What's the difference between an influencer and a content creator? | The Media Online
There's a big difference between content creators and influencers, but what are they and what is best for your brand?
Is print ever going to die? | The Media Online
Is print ever going to die? A few years ago, we were frightened by this question and the impact that digital would have on print’s ‘market share’. As a market analyst working at one of the biggest print media houses at the time, this really startled me, and the death of AMPS added to my consternation.