The MediaShop looks at what is, was and will be for the rest of 2014

Published on Friday, 19 September 2014 by Chris Botha in The Mediashop news

100 days to go… yes, that’s it! At the time of writing this, there are only a 100 days to go until Christmas. Exclude public holidays and weekends and there are 65 working days left in the year. And there is still so much left to do!! At the risk of sounding clichèd, "boy this year has gone by so fast".

2014 has been an amazing year. Business has been tough. Very tough, but smooth seas don't make a good sailor. The MediaShop has been lucky enough to win a few key pitches that will see us ending the year on a positive note. We are always grateful when major organisations place their trust in us and we thank them for it.

We have taken some strides in other services too. As we grow from a traditional media agency into a true communications company, we have to develop and grow. With this in mind, we were the first media agency in South Africa to launch our own Programmatic Buying Desk called Cadreon.

Cadreon is an amazing digital tool. In short, it places code on client's websites, identifies and profiles the users of that site (or purchasers) and tracks and clones them for improved campaigns. We have seen some amazing results using the tool. If you haven't engaged with it yet, please do speak with your strategist or Richard Lord (our head of Digital - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Rich will be able to tell you all about our development in search (Google), social media, mobile and digital development. It really is the future (and the now!!) of communications.

Africa continues to be a focus area for our group and we are blessed to be entering the continent together with our clients. And what's still left for the year? For the last 65 days? Well, expect some big announcements in the field of research and development. Our business continues to grow and close the loop in the communication circle.

From a training perspective The MediaShop had amazing success with our "Media under the Magnifying Glass" sessions. We had up to 200 media owners and clients attend these sessions which touched on topics ranging from the media landscape, to the basics of television and radio planning to the nitty gritties of social media, search and mobile. We finished the series off with an intriguing panel discussion with key industry leaders.

Our staff has also benefited from our training spend. By the end of 2014, The MediaShop will have spent over R2 million on training our people on a variety of topics.

So much has happened, and there is still so much to do. Good luck to all for the last 100 days. May they be fruitful, profitable, but most importantly, filled with joy, laughter and hard work.


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