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Seven deadly sins of Programmatic

Published on Friday, 12 September 2014 by Dylan Roberts in Digital
Cadreon, the digital planning and buying solution that integrates technology and data to deliver targeted audiences online, is the 'saving grace of a failing digital plan, the silver bullet that magically turns visitors into leads'. Or is it? Though programmatic…
The (online) media world is changing fast - really fast. Blink and you might miss it. We are living in exciting times where buying efficiency, campaign measurability and performance are no longer just buzz words but now actually achievable! Technology…

“Digital Video – what are we really talking about?”

Published on Friday, 28 March 2014 by Andrew Dabbs in Digital
One has to ask the question. Why aren't media planners embracing yet the convergence of media? Using all the screens and opportunities to gain exposure for TV executions that costs millions to produce? I have tried to resolve video and…
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