Yvette Gengan

Yvette is our Manager at Lucid Media, our digital media performance business. She is a Durban born but Johannesburg bred digital media specialist with eight years of experience in the digital media space. Yvette started her career as a digital all-rounder but quickly found her place in digital media.

This kicked off her career in performance media, strategy and implementation. To anyone that knows her, it is clear that she is passionate about people, digital media, and making an impact in the SA digital media industry. She is always up for any challenge. Her colleagues and team know her to be fierce and humble. Yvette has been with The MediaShop for five years now working as a digital media strategist. She has worked across several verticals and brands, however her most notable portfolios during this time include L’Oreal and Nedbank. Her experience has brought her to her most current role at Lucid, with a team of highly skilled digital specialists who work across various digital capabilities.