Jarred Mailer-Lyons

A digital evangelist and user of techy things. Beyond being an avid shopper, a planned traveller, a reality TV show junkie and an allergic cat lover Jarred constantly strives for purrfection! He likes to believe that he is an optimistic creative backed by logical data… a jack of all trades wanting to make a difference.

Jarred started his career in product development before moving into the world of media where he worked his way up from digital campaign manager, through to planner, strategist and most recently as Head of Digital here at The MediaShop.

With almost a decade of digital media experience, Jarred is obsessed with the way people use the internet to communicate, share, engage, buy products, and follow brands. Studying these behaviours has led to a deeper understanding of the online ecosystem and creative ideas that push the limits of what is possible online. Jarred believes that a perfect digital marketing campaign is one that spans the gap between delightful engagement and trackable success.

His true passion has always been to create successful media strategies that integrate a 360 approach which he believes is an absolute balance of science and art.

Jarred strongly believes in the quote – “In a year from now, what do you wish you had done differently today…"